Don and Gail 

 An interview with parents Don & Gail - hope even after 5 relapses. Through community and family, this couple describes the path their family has taken in search of recovery from the disease of addiction.

Bob and Colleen 

Bob and Colleen share their family's story of addiction. Although their son is clean for several years, the path was difficult and they share their experience and advice. Families Anonymous through Palos Community Hospital has been a big help even five years after they started going to meetings.


Crystal started Serenity Steps in Minooka in order to help other people with addiction and mental health issues. After some very dark days with her son, they are celebrating her sons 3 year sobriety.


Jeremy has come full circle and is now helping addicts recover. From addiction to counseling, Jeremy has a unique perspective from both sides of this horrible disease.


Danielle has been sober for 13 years and is a great example of how a chronic pain condition could lead to addiction to opioides.  She battled her illness for years, but has come out strong.  Hear her words and learn that your path can take many turns before sobriety is accomplished.